The Haskell Cast

Episode 6 - Gabriel Gonzalez and Michael Snoyman on Pipes and Conduit

Recorded: 2014-02-23, Published: 2014-03-03

Gabriel Gonzalez and Michael Snoyman join us to discuss their solutions to the problems with lazy IO. Gabriel's pipes library focuses on equational reasoning while Michael's conduit library promises deterministic resource handling. Gabriel and Michael have already debated the merits and disadvantages of each other's libraries on their blogs. Now we get them onto the podcast to explain the differences to us and talk about where they're going in the future (and the possibility of converging on a single solution).


Episode 5 - Brent Yorgey on Diagrams and the Typeclassopedia

Recorded: 2014-01-17, Published: 2014-01-22

Brent Yorgey explains the motivation and purpose of his Diagrams library and how it relates to other programmatic graphics systems like TikZ. He then shares his motivation for writing the Typeclassopedia and his thoughts on how much category theory Haskell programmers need to know. He also shares some insights from teaching an introductory Haskell course.


Episode 4 - Simon Marlow on Parallelism and Concurrency

Recorded: 2013-11-17, Published: 2013-11-25

Simon Marlow, author of Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell and co-developer of GHC, lets us know what he's been up to at Facebook. He shares with us the project he's been working on in Facebook and how Haskell is gaining traction inside Facebook's diverse engineering culture. We also talk about his recent book and what he'll be researching in the future.


Episode 3 - Simon Peyton Jones on GHC

Recorded: 2013-10-20, Published: 2013-10-28

Simon Peyton Jones joins us to discuss recent developments in GHC, parallel programming, and computer science education. We start by discussing some upcoming changes to Cabal and the module system and then look at recent developments in parallelizing Haskell programs. Finally, Simon shares what he's been working on recently: a national curriculum of computing in England and the Computing at School (CAS) Working Group.


Episode 2 - Don Stewart on Real World Haskell

Recorded: 2013-09-08, Published: 2013-09-23

Don Stewart, co-author of Real World Haskell and author of many Haskell Stack Overflow answers, joins us to discuss working with Haskell at large scale: how to organize, deploy, and test more than 1 million lines of Haskell code. He also shares some insights on hiring, training, and working with a large team of Haskell developers. To start the episode, we discuss performance and optimization of Haskell programs.


Episode 1 - Edward Kmett on Lenses

Recorded: 2013-08-04, Published: 2013-08-26

Edward Kmett joins us to talk about lenses, comonads, and the future of the Haskell core libraries. He also shares with us how he discovered Haskell, his academic background, and advice for new Haskell developers being exposed to the math concepts inside of his libraries for the first time.