The Haskell Cast

Episode 7 - Chris Done on Compiling to JavaScript and SQL

Recorded: 2014-05-18, Published: 2014-06-09

Chris Done, creator of Fay, Try Haskell, and Structured Haskell Mode, chats with us about web development in Haskell. We start with compiling Haskell to JavaScript via Fay, Haste, and ghcjs. We then discuss SQL and the alternatives available. Finally, we speak briefly about shell scripting and Haskell. Other topics include Chris’s many side projects like Try Haskell and Hulk, his IRC server.

We’re still providing uncut video of the interview, but the audio in the video is choppy and poor quality.

Links from the show:

You can also watch an uncut video of the interview:

The music used in the show is Ecstatic Wave by Jens Killstofte.