The Haskell Cast

Episode 8 - Ollie Charles on 24 Days of Hackage and Nix

Recorded: 2014-06-22, Published: 2014-07-21

Ollie Charles, author of 24 Days of Hackage (and a number of Haskell libraries), gives us his perspectives on Haskell libraries and how they relate to Perl’s CPAN. He shares how he began his transition from Perl to Haskell while working for MusicBrainz and how he came to work full-time on Haskell at Fynder. (Listen closely if you’ve wanted to write Haskell in your non-Haskell job.) We also chat briefly about developing in Haskell with Nix and a different take on equational reasoning.

We will no longer be providing videos of the interviews going forward (due to continuing connection problems, among other things). We’re sorry if you liked watching them but think it’s best to focus on audio quality.

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The music used in the show is Ecstatic Wave by Jens Killstofte.