The Haskell Cast

Episode 3 - Simon Peyton Jones on GHC

Recorded: 2013-10-20, Published: 2013-10-28

Simon Peyton Jones joins us to discuss recent developments in GHC, parallel programming, and computer science education. We start by discussing some upcoming changes to Cabal and the module system and then look at recent developments in parallelizing Haskell programs. Finally, Simon shares what he’s been working on recently: a national curriculum of computing in England and the Computing at School (CAS) Working Group.

We apologize for the inferior audio quality during the first 17 minutes. Also, no video this time! Yes, we were disappointed not to be able to talk to Simon face-to-face either.

Links from the show:

The music used in the show is Ecstatic Wave by Jens Killstofte.