The Haskell Cast

Episode 9 - Conal Elliott on FRP and Denotational Design

Recorded: 2014-11-16, Published: 2014-12-15

Conal Elliott, inventor of Functional Reactive Programming, tells us about the birth of FRP as well as other stories from his 25 years of functional programming experience. He shares what he considers the fundamentals of FRP (behaviors and events) and how they work in a model with continuous time. We speak about FRP practicality and efficiency, including how a continuous time model can help lead to a high performance implementation. Eventually we’re led into Denotational Design, which plays a part in the design and refinement of FRP and which Conal considers his simplest and clearest design tool.

Finally, Conal gives us a teaser of his work at Tabula compiling Haskell to hardware (e.g. FPGAs).

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The music used in the show is Ecstatic Wave by Jens Killstofte.