The Haskell Cast

Episode 9 - Conal Elliott on FRP and Denotational Design

Recorded: 2014-11-16, Published: 2014-12-15

Conal Elliott, inventor of Functional Reactive Programming, tells us about the birth of FRP as well as other stories from his 30+ years of functional programming experience. He shares what he considers the fundamentals of FRP (behaviors and events) and how they work in a model with continuous time. We speak about FRP practicality and efficiency, including how a continuous time model can help lead to a high performance implementation. Eventually we’re led into Denotational Design, which plays a part in the design and refinement of FRP and which Conal considers his simplest and clearest design tool.

Finally, Conal gives us a teaser of his work at Tabula compiling Haskell to hardware (e.g. FPGAs).

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The music used in the show is Ecstatic Wave by Jens Killstofte.